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Nano Bio-Energy Alkaline Water Filter System
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 August, 2017.
Item # : 304
Item price:  RM1,680.00  RM850.00
Item Description

New Nano Bio-Energy Alkaline Water Filter System 

New Nano Bio-Energy Alkaline Water Filter System 

New Nano Bio-Energy Alkaline Water Filter System 


New Nano Bio-Energy Alkaline Water Filter System

One Year Warranty !

Come with 6 latest technology filter cartridges !

Details :

Filter 1 :

Ceramic Filter

This distribution of minute pores measuring less than 0.3 to 0..7 micron is able to eliminate the residues, foreign material from old tanks and pipes and also microbes bacteria. It is fully conforms to the international certification standard.

Filter 2 :

GAC Filter

Removes Chlorine, Odour, Colour, Organic Compounds, Chemicals, Unpleasant Odours, Detergents and remaining residues inside the water. The silver carbon is able to remove germs, prevent bacteria growth.

Filter 3 :

KDF Resin & Activated Carbon Filter

KDF metal ion coverter & highly activated carbon block can remove heavy metals such as lead, copper, cadmium and radioactive subtances. The resin also effectively soften water molecules.

Filter 4 :

Far Infrared Ray Energy Ball Filter (Bio-Energy)

Far Infrared Rays derived from Energized Converter is used to break water molecules structure into smaller molecule. This is made easier for human body to absorbs & increase more neede minerals in the body. It also promoted metabolism by providing energy rays and oxygen which helps regulates and activates body cells to be more active and balance body fluid function.

Filter 5 :

Alkaline Anion Ball Filter

Energy stablizer functions to produce ionized water stabilize energy in the water and boost energy to a higher level. Besides that, tourmaline content and its remained minerals substances also regulate alkaline water which is beneficial for human body to promote metabolism, and activate cells to enchance immune system and detoxification function.

Filter 6 :

CTO (Carbon Block) Filter

Absord harmful chemicals such as ethylene dichloride, bleach, chlorine, odor, color, pesticide, prevent bacteria from breeding, removes any uppleasant smells and traces of organic waste.


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